Happy 2018!

I’m a few weeks late and a few dollars short but I’m back.. I promised myself that I would be more active on my blog and guess what, my author brain started worked so I had to take advantage of the words and get them in a book or two. I’ve been working like crazy producing great work, so yes I’m sorry yet again. I promise I will be back to this space soon. I miss it just as much as you probably don’t miss my words. So what have you all been up to?

I finished and published book number 5. I’m still in shock but I shouldn’t be because believing in yourself, staying consistent, faith will get you exactly where you need to be. The grind doesn’t stop. Hopefully I will have more great news to share soon. So the 5th book that was published is the sequel to Crossing Paths. It took me 2 years to finish the first one but Crossing Paths 2 didn’t take that long and for that I’m extremely grateful. So yes that’s why I’ve been missing. When you’re called to do something you have to move before you miss your chance.

I hope this finds you in good spirits as the negative energies that are currently going on with the school shootings and threats. Make sure you find your balance and your peace in all of this chaos. I’m staying focused as much as possible with forever gratefulness. I just wanted to pop in and give an update. I’m well. I’m alive. And I’m writing, constantly.

Remember to cry when you need to. Laugh often.

Breaks are necessary. Take them often.

Love as if you never lost before. Love often.

I’ll be back. I’m working on content for real this time. I have a lot to share and I will find my balance between being an author and a blogger. Both bring me great joy.

Until next time! Thank you for stopping by here today.

Don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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