Is this mic on? Are any of you struggling right now with life? Or anything in general? I, myself, have been having issues lately. Depression and anxiety are real issues. They have no rhyme or reason and sometimes I’m too hard on myself because I will be having a great day or moment and boom like a ton of bricks it invades my privacy but I will fault myself for these things happening. I have my good days and bad days but I love through all of these days. You have to love through it because if you don’t you will fail yourself in the worst way.

Love through it! Why because loving yourself only at your best will never get you through your worst days. Our worst days can teach us some things our good days can’t understand.

Remember to understand your feelings. Get in tune with your emotions and feelings. It’s very important to know yourself and what triggers your emotions and moods. Also remember depression doesn’t care who or what you are, but staying on top of self-care and self-love will help with these things. Don’t fault yourself for something that you can’t control just try to improve your situation. Take care of yourself.

Love yourself through each aspect of your life.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light! Be kind to others. Be good to yourself. I just wanted to stop in and spread some positivity and understanding. I’m here. I’ll be here.



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