This is it…… This is the description for my latest book.

“Yellow Rose” is a self-reflection piece. Kendra is releasing the burden of being a fatherless daughter. If you had a choice you would choose to have both parents present. Not all of us had that luxury. Growing up as a fatherless daughter, it will rob you of your happiness, love and joy. Kendra shares with you stories, prose and poetry from her own personal experiences. She will give you light and hope to finally let go of these emotions. Yellow Rose will touch you. It will make sure to leave you wanting to live the best life going forward. You should receive your flowers while you are alive.

Please cherish this one.

Thank you for stopping by. The necklace is not a part of the book, I thought it was symbolic for where I want to be in my life now.

You can purchase the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million.

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