2017 is a year of gratefulness….. Give out what you want to receive. When I tell you I want to scream at the top of my lungs how much I’m taking this serious this year and the blessings that are coming my way. I just came back from vacation to the Bahamas on a cruise and my mindset is still on vacation mode. I needed that time away. My mind, body and soul needed that time away.

I’m so relaxed and at ease because I let go. I let go of all the unnecessary stress, drama, energy, people, deadweight and I’m enjoying life because you never know when you it might be your last moment. Love in the moment. Live in the moment. Be thankful. Be mindful of the things that you do allow in. Be grateful. Love more.

Give more and not just material things but simple things like love, letters, time and also make sure that all of these things are given to the right people. Giving the right things to the wrong people can and will tear you down. Been there done that, even got the shirt for it figuratively. It’s hard being positive such a hectic world but it’s even harder being someone that you are not. Don’t be that person. Be you. Love you, all of you. Don’t have conditions on the love that you give to yourself because life is hard and we are all trying our best even on the rough days.

I’m being more mindful and alert this year on the things that I want, tolerant and accept because no one deserves to be treated as less. You are more. You will be more. You will achieve every goal that you set out for if you never give up on you. Fight for you especially when the world is against you, that’s when you fight harder.

Be mindful each and every day. Be intentional on the positive things that you want to share as well. Stop sharing hate, there is enough of that in the world already.

Be you. Have fun in life and enjoy each moment. I’m sending you a little more positivity and motivation.

Thank you for stopping by as always.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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