Yellow Rose is here and available to purchase. YAY!!!!!

If you enjoyed my post about being a fatherless daughter here on my blog you will definitely enjoy this book. This book speaks about a lot of things that I went through as a fatherless daughter and others that I didn’t go through but others did. This to me is a form of a journal. It was a 30 day journal and journey for me, I’m beyond proud of myself for completing this from start to finish and actually publishing it. I almost didn’t release this book because it is so personal but I needed this therapy just like all of you lost souls need it. So with that being said, you can now purchase my newest work of art. Links will be listed below.

Yellow Rose can be purchased on Amazon and Createspace as of right now and soon it will be available on other sites such as Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.

Createspace link:

Amazon link:

Thank you all for the continued support. I’m aiming high because I want to help someone else that feels less than through life. We can overcome together, one step and day at a time. This one I’m beyond scared about because yes it is vulnerable but necessary for sure. I really hope you enjoy it.



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