If we were having coffee…

I would tell you I need a vacation, which I hope I’m currently on as you are reading this. I’m finally finished with my book and I deserve some time away. I deserve to just do nothing before I start my next book which is currently underway. Writers never stop writing.

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First and foremost, how are you doing today? I hope you are doing well. I pray that you are in great spirits and that everything is great your way. I’m doing well. I can finally rest since I have finally released and published my second book. I’m so happy about that, now just waiting for the honest reviews to come in.

I’m about to be on vacation from my job for a week and some days so I’m excited about that. So that means more writing and enjoying the things around me. I need a break. I have a massage planned, writing goals, and just down time to detox from a lot of things and social media is one of those.

I would tell you to remove yourself from social media if you feel the news is consuming you and removing you from your positive grounding-PLEASE STEP AWAY and REGROUP. Take control of your life and don’t let people take you away from your element. Stay positive and remember when to walk away.

I would let you know that everyone in your corner, might be sticking around to make sure that his/her corner is in great shape. Don’t trust everything you see.

I basically wanted to stop in and say to remain positive in all situations. Love on your family and friends, disconnect when needed and always support each other.

Here’s to another successful coffee/tea time talk. May this post reach you in a way that confirms that taking a break from everything is okay. Make sure to take time away for yourself and show yourself as much love as you show to other people.

Until the next coffee talk! Thank you again for always stopping by.

Shine bright and don’t forge to Find Your Light!



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