Hello to all! I hope you are doing well and spreading positive energy. We finally have us a book! YAY! (Key victory music)

That is really the main reason for this post. I’ve been beating myself up about this cover and the content inside the cover but the edits have been sent off and I’m more than happy about the outcome. I don’t think anyone understands the hard work and dedication it takes to start and finish a book. It’s not how you start but how you finish. Once my final copy comes back the book will be available for purchase, I’ve looked over this book more than enough. I can’t be more excited about it. Thank you for being patient with me because I was about to through in the towel more than once. I was just about to surrender it all but I’m so glad that I didn’t. We made it! I made it! See your dreams through. See your goals through.

“I have to write from a place deeper than just the feelings in my soul.” Kendra

New Book.jpg

These pages in this book will not disappoint. I really get personal about some things that you will read once the book is published. I wanted to literally step outside of myself so that I could help someone else along the way. I was scared to death to share some of these thoughts but I felt like the second book needed to hit close to home so you actually see that you aren’t alone in this world. I really hope that you plan on supporting me and making the purchase of this book because I really put my heart into it.

I will definitely keep you posted and I can’t wait to say that it has finally being published. I’m in the final stretch. And I’m excited about that. The cover was approved by a very important person, so I can say I’m satisfied and happy with my cover. I didn’t want anything too over the top with this cover because when I tell you the words and content within these pages speak volumes it does just that. Again I will like to thank you for supporting me and stopping by.

Please continue to purchase and support my first book, I appreciate that support as well. I really hope you support this book and help me make my baby a best seller. I’m aiming high because I know what is inside of me and I know what this book can do to help someone else through life. If you enjoyed my Being A Fatherless Daughter: My Truth post you will thoroughly enjoy this book. I reveal and share some things I was afraid to in the first book.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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