Yay! Finally!Book 2 is coming out soon. Hopefully I won’t have you waiting much longer. I can finally breathe and stop having dreams about this book.

Since I think I have finally decided on a book cover, I’ve changed it 4 different times and to be honest I’ll probably change it again if I’m not happy with it. The title hasn’t changed and it will not change. In My Thoughts: Open Book, Take Notes is the title of the new book.

Book Title.jpg
Follow Your Dreams


I’m so excited. This book has definitely been words from my heart and feelings from my soul. I hope you all support me during this journey. 2 years later a new book is coming out but it was worth the wait. I had to make sure everything was right with it not only the words I wrote but with the everything else as well. No need to rush something that was already destined to and for me.

Thank you all for sticking with me during this process with this book and with my blog. I’m trying to use my voice when someone else might not be strong enough to use their voice. I hope I inspire someone else to continue on this journey through life because even though life gets rough and hard you have to keep fighting. Don’t give up because I’m sure someone is praying on your downfall. REMEMBER: IT MIGHT DIDN’T HAPPEN TODAY BUT IT WILL HAPPEN! Keep pushing.

I have an event coming up soon in North Carolina for local authors as well. I’ll make a post about that this week because I would love to meet some of you all if you are in the area. Stay tuned.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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