Hey all! It’s been a rough week. I’m checking in to simply say you are valuable. I know right now you are feeling helpless, hopeless, upset but keep your faith. There aren’t any words to justify the things that we are facing right now. I just need you to understand that it’s okay to feel but along with feeling you also have to disconnect and take care of yourself. You will need to understand that taking care of yourself all of you will require for you to disconnect. I know it’s hard to do such a thing but if you let all of the events that are happening take over you, then you will cause more harm than good. We need positivity, love and happiness right now because there is enough hatred in the world. I went to bed one night praying to only wake up crying. I was so hurt. I’m not even mad just hurt because the same thing keeps happening again and again. Once you get beyond the anger and the truth sets in, all you can do is cry. The world is crying and if you aren’t crying you aren’t seeing it for what it is.

This issue is bigger than us. It’s bigger than any person walking this earth. Keep your faith. Keep spreading positivity. Keep loving. Keep fighting. Keep feeling. Keep crying. Keep doing all things positive.

Make sure to take care of yourself. I’m trying to think of ways that I can help, I’ll keep spreading positivity and love. I’ll use my voice on my platform the best way I know how. Use your voice, in a way that it puts more positive energy into the universe. We need positivity.

Love will never win if you always have anger and hatred in your heart. Keep that mess far away from you and your environment.

I just wanted to check in and make sure we are all here. Don’t be afraid to say here and that you are managing to get through it. We as a world are mourning.

Until next post and it won’t be about a tragedy.

Spread love, shine bright and don’t forget to find your light.



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