Why do we have to keep addressing this same issue? It will never end but our feelings will never end either. It’s only right to just say that today I’m sad, upset, hurt, lost but not confused.

The only way we as people/humans should leave this earth is by natural causes and even that’s hard for us to grasp.

They kill us so we can argue with each other. Shut up for once and come together. It’s not about you arguing and fussing all the time┬ábut about the ones that lost their lives on yesterday and the days before that for no reason at all. Pay attention because us arguing with each other today could be the victim later tonight or tomorrow. Let’s get these hashtags to stop.

We are hurting enough already. We have been through enough already. It’s time to stop this cycle but just like this post the cycle will continue, that’s the sad truth.

No matter a person’s past they should not die at the hands of someone else.