Happy Sunday!

I’m back and I won’t be falling off again this time. There is a lot to catch up on but for right now, I’ll be sharing a new encouragement post for the week. I never noticed how these actually helped me just as much as they helped you. I’m going to rock with you until the wheels fall off of this blog and that’s the truth. So I’ve been networking a lot lately and I wanted to share a personal quote/message that came to me last week. I hope you enjoy your week and stay positive at all times. There is nothing in this world that should cause you to only see the negative in any situation, remind positive.

“Some people will try to find fault in your dreams because they can’t face their reflection. Guard your thoughts.” Kendra

This quote came to me when I was flipping through all my social media accounts and I noticed that a lot of people were pointing fingers at other people’s dreams trying to knock them down, I don’t always see these things but I felt this quote came to me at the right time. If you follow my Twitter and IG accounts then you have already read this quote but for those that haven’t I’m sharing it here. I hope this quote brings some light into your life like it has mine. It puts a lot of things into perspective. Stop letting people that can’t face their own reflections tell you what kind of dreams you can/should have. Make sure to always evaluate your relationships, especially when you share your dream with a person and they always find fault in it instead of building you up.

You don’t have to go through that. You deserve more, you deserve better. You are more than that person is giving you credit for. Stop settling for constant because that’s familiar to you and get you someone that’s true. When I say familiar, I’m saying it in the terms that the person has been there from the beginning. Just because a person has been there from the beginning doesn’t make the relationship any more right than a person that comes in your life tomorrow with the same negative intensions to destroy you. You haven’t noticed it because you are too used to it. Let the negative things go.

I hope this post finds you in a great mood, if not keep pushing forward anyway. Things might get worse before they actually get better. Thank you for stopping by today.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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