Let’s be honest. This is one of my honest moments. I’m not consistent as I should be with my workouts. No excuses at all, some days I just don’t feel like working out and instead I want cupcakes, cookies, brownies or ice cream. Hey it’s life. I try to stay active but I love eating my sweets as well. With me being gluten free and dairy free, I try to get in my sweets or cheat meals when I can especially since it’s hard to find great gluten free premade desserts.

I can go a straight 30 days and work out a total of 20 days, lose a good 3 pounds with inches included, I get excited and take a break. I have to stop being inconsistent. The only thing right now that I’m consistent with is my lunch meal prepping. I will prep a whole work week worth of food for lunch but for dinner I might slack off. I’m pretty good about breakfast now, which is usually fruit and water. That too is another thing that I’m consistent with, water. My body loves water and I make it my business to drink between 74 ounces and a gallon a day.

It’s time for me to stop being inconsistent and get back on my game. It’s time to get back to my ideal weight and stop slacking. I thought about getting me an accountability partner but then I thought about how I got here which was by myself. I had to push myself to lose the weight because truth is, people will only tell you that you are fat after the fact that you have lost all the weight. Don’t be one of those people that waits until after the weight is gone to speak up to someone you care about and don’t be rude when you do actually bring it up.

One thing that I have learned to do is pay myself for working out and once I get to a certain amount, buy myself something nice. I actually purchased myself 3 1-hour massages and have yet to use one. Maybe I need to de-stress myself and then start back working out. I’ll figure it out but until then I’m currently in a inconsistent habit of working out. I haven’t gained any weight back so that’s good that my body is still consist in the sense that most of my clothes are fitting correctly, nothing is hanging over and I don’t have any rolls. So I think I’m doing pretty good in the sense that my work out route is inconsistent. Sometimes you have to just let life runs it’s course even with some of your goals. You are right where you should be in life, don’t rush progress. Slow progress is better than no progress at all. Keep working out. Keep pushing. I’ll get my 6 pack one day but until then I’ll continue to bake gluten free chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and eating ice cream.

So truth is, my workouts are currently under construction along with my body. I’m not ashamed at all because at one time I could barely get out of bed to even get to work everyday. Shhhh, don’t tell my doctors about me working out, I might get in trouble lol. With that being said, my doctors only advised me to do mild stretching. Oh well, I’m doing what’s best for me and my life. I take my doctors advice but I refuse to get back up to 198 pounds again, plus my joints haven’t been in an uproar lately which means no severe chronic pain for me. Let’s get excited about that.

As you can see, this is my current situation right now. I’m inconsistent with my work out schedule. I’m going to get back on it and soon for sure. Own your situations. Own your struggles if you have any. Once you own something you have come to terms with the situation that means that you can grow from it. When you own it, that doesn’t mean you get to have a pity party for yourself, you own it to grow from it. Grow!

Again thank you for stopping by for another blog post. I enjoy chatting with you all and hearing your experiences. Let’s chat, are you currently struggling with something by being inconsistent or are you just struggling with something in general? Let’s talk about it. I love hearing different stories or experiences from you. Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to my blog to keep up with me and my life experiences.

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