May 18th, 2015: One of the best days of my life thus far.

I can’t believe that it’s been a year already. I never thought in a million years that I would have an actual book signing, let alone in Barnes and Noble. I knew I would write a book but I really didn’t see a book signing in my future once the book was published. Writing and publishing a book is not easy at all especially when you’re trying to have a social life, work full-time and fight off obstacles of everyday life but I was able to do it. This day was one of the best days of my life. I had a lot of loving supportive family and friends that decided to come and hear me speak about my book and hear my story.

The love was beyond powerful. I was a bit nervous and I felt after I did my speech I rushed it but this was my first one so I know my next one I will be more relaxed to speak in front of everybody. I really had a book signing, who knew. Beyond an amazing feeling. I actually signed books and they were sold. Don’t mind me but when a dream that you have as a child becomes true, you can’t help but to be excited and grateful.

Book signing.jpg
Signing Books! Unbelievable Feeling!
Book Signing.jpg
Waiting My Turn and Actually Giving My Speech


Let’s Talk

I thought I would share this information with you because someone else out there is searching or needs confirmation about this exact same thing. I reached out to different book stores for a signing but because my book was self published a lot of companies turned me down. I kept searching and reaching out because I felt like someone would give me a chance. Initially I was turned down by Barnes and Noble but little did I know, the manager would reach out to me a few months later with a great opportunity. I was in disbelief so I read and re-read the email a few times. I was like ‘no this can’t be right,’ I was just turned down a few months ago by the same manager and now this email.  I don’t think anyone understands the feeling you get from being disappointed to actually a dream coming true. I was initially hurt but then I just waited and prayed and waited so more and I had to contact the manager by phone to go over the details and yes it was coming true. I was there with 5 other local authors and this night was amazing.

I let all my family and friends know the time, date and location and when I tell you that the love was amazing, it was amazing. I never thought that little ol’ me would have such a great following from all different ages that believed in me and what I was writing. To all those that have purchased my book, read it and are waiting on book 2 it’s coming. I wanted it to be released on May 18th, 2016 but with life things don’t happen when we want them to but when they are suppose to happen. I’m not rushing this process at all. I’m enjoying it more this time around.

If you are writing a book, enjoy the process. If you want to have a book signing, reach out to people without being scared because you won’t know until you ask. Never get discouraged in your process because those around you maybe moving in a faster pace. Remember this is your journey, your process. No matter the pace it will always be your journey. You might didn’t get it to happen today but it will happen. I’m grateful that I was able to experience this day and I’m thankful for the lovely opportunity. There will definitely be more book signings and events from me in the future. I’m claiming it.

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