In the current moment I have no cell phone (which was April 12th until the 16th of April). My last cell phone died on me without any warning at all. I was upset not because I needed it but because I had important notes/thoughts saved but not backed up that I will never get back. I know why didn’t I have a SD card to back everything up, I have no idea. I guess I never thought I would loss my information. I got comfortable and was used to saving notes but not backing them up. I saved them to my phone but didn’t back them up to my cloud/email.

The lesson that I have learned is a very valuable one, please stick to pen and paper or remember to backup my information. As a writer to me it feels so much better to see and feel the imprint of letters on paper but sometimes I didn’t have one on hand. Things are definitely about to change. Technology has failed me or rather I have failed me because I know better. I will be writing all my thoughts down on paper from here on out, so if you see me with a journal and pen don’t take it personal I just need to capture the moment. I’m not even mad about the thousands of pictures I lost but the notes. The most important things were my notes. Great notes at that, maybe I’m bias because I’m a writer. I’ll get all my thoughts back and more for all the trouble.

The reason my notes were so important to me was because some of the feelings/emotions that I felt during certain moments I will never get back. There were over 100 plus notes in the old phone and of those half of them I was using for my new poetry book. This happened a few weeks ago and I was finally coming to terms with it. It feels good to now laugh about something that I was so upset about weeks ago. I can smile about it now. Don’t do the same thing I did and not back up your data.

In a nutshell I was upset and I think out of sorts for a few days before I finally came around to the fact that my information was lost forever.I was heartbroken when my phone decide not to work anymore. Just died on me without a notice. Another lesson learned don’t rely on technology to save your day all the time, it’s okay to use the basics. I just wanted to share my experience with you on that time that I didn’t backup my information, biggest mistake ever. You can laugh at me now but I was almost in tears before. You live and you learn something new everyday.

So again thank you for sticking with me through yet another blog post. I hope you enjoyed my story about sticking to pen and paper lol. I learned a valuable lesson. Back up your information people, especially me. Hopefully I’ll have exciting news to share with you all shortly, thank you for hanging in there with me.

Until next time,

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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