Emotions! Emotions! Emotions! They don’t stop!

It’s great to feel and even better to share your feelings. I have to share in order to release. A new thing that I’m doing with my life. Get those feelings out of your system so you can make progress in life. They have been real lately. My tears have been used a lot more here lately. I’ve been having a hard time lately(emotional wise) and all I keep thinking about is my deceased loved ones. You ever get a feeling that you can’t shake, this is one of those. I’m not lacking for things, I’m just emotional. And I’m okay with that. Even though, I can feel myself being distant I know this is part of my process and I need to experience it.

It’s crazy in itself to think that someone will always be in your mind and/or thoughts on a daily basis. I’ve been thinking back on some of the things that have happened and a thought came to my mind, “if this person was still living none of this would be going on.” It’s like if big mama was living everybody would be on their best behavior. There’s always that rock that holds the family together and I’m just missing a few. It’s not the tough love that I miss but the funny side of them. The times where you think you’re having a bad/rough day and here they come with something funny. I just simply miss my deceased loved ones. They can’t hear me nor see me and sometimes I just miss them, for some reason these last few months I’ve been missing them more than usual.

I claimed early on that this was going to be my emotional year and it definitely has been emotional. I’m an emotional mess. There is something about growth, emotions, life experiences and happiness that has me up in tears. I’m not sad just emotional. It’s hard to explain but I know someone out there is going through the exact same thing. I’ll go through this process because this is a learning process.

There is not a deadline for how long you mourn for someone you love, because there will always be that one thing that will remind you of that person. I could go on and on about my emotions but honestly if I haven’t reached out to you in a while or if I’ve been feeling distant than usual it’s because I’m still missing them, I miss you too but sometimes I need space and my emotions are really on high.

“Tears are a form of your heart releasing the sadness/emotions from your body.” Kendra

I’ve been releasing sadness since the first of the year. Around this time 5 years ago I lost my uncle on a Thursday night and my grandmother lost her home in a tornado 2 days later. As I sit here and think about it, I don’t think I mourned properly after all this happened because it was too much and I blocked a lot of it out. So maybe I’m just having a monthly moment. Maybe I’m just emotional. Or maybe I’m all of the above and this time around I can feel myself being grateful for all the obstacles that I’ve been able to overcome. You don’t know the load of the person beside you because maybe today you haven’t decided to ask because you’re so caught up in your own load of emotions or baggage. Don’t forget to ask how someone else is doing. Loads are heavy and even if you aren’t able to carry someone else’s, you just might be of a bigger help than you think by just asking how they are doing.

Some days I just want them here with me on earth amongst the living so we can cut up, eat, cry and have a great time but today I’ll just remember all the great times we shared and be thankful that I have great memories to remember. My emotions are on high and even though there is not a time limit for how long you will mourn, I’m still mourning years later. I miss them.

If you’re feeling emotional, contact me so we can cry and share our stories with each other but seriously though we can become emotional buddies. Comment if you are having an emotional year or just comment in general so we can talk and catch up. We can get through this together. As always thank you for hanging with me.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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