So as you know I have a No Complaining Challenge that I created for myself and I’m currently on that journey again. Anyone can do the challenge. I will link the previous post here How I Survived: 100 Days No Complaining Challenge

Today is Day 30!  ♥

Oh man did these days go by fast. It’s day 30 of 100 and I can tell a difference. I decided to complete this challenge again because I needed to see change in myself and some goals. I was losing hope on a couple of things, even though I haven’t been complaining a lot I did see that I was focusing more on some of the negative things around me instead of the positive. Hey it happens!

So since it was happening it was time to refocus and start back thinking positive more often, positivity is going to be my way of thinking from here on out. I decided that on Day 1! People will try and bring you down and nobody should have power over your happiness/mood but you. You choose what you let affect you. A negative mindset will never get you a positive life. I wasn’t here for negativity so it was time for a change.

I’m actually holding up well. I feel better, mentally. And yes, I’M HAPPY!

Make sure that you are happy and in love with your life. Whenever I think about the things that were making me see negative the word BUT was always around. I’m happy but nope take that word away today. I’m happy because or just the simple statement of saying that you are happy and genuinely happy is a better way of stating that sentence or any sentence.

I recommend that you try it. It’s never too late to improve things within yourself. You don’t have to do all 100 days but try at least 30. One day will make a difference but 30 might just change your life. All the things that helped me are listed in the link above. Please check it out. Remember happiness starts with you and not other people. Other people can’t determine your happiness. Thank you again for hanging with me.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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