I just wanted to drop in and share a moment that I shared on instagram on Sunday. I tend to post thoughts up there and/or emotions. Nothing negative or anything I just had an aha moment.

I needed to step back and realize I’m suppose to be editing and putting together poetry book 2 and working on book 3 but instead I’m trying to channel new thoughts and poetry. Nope not going to happen. So I realized blank pages aren’t a bad thing. I don’t have writer’s block but instead I have reality block(that means that I should be working on my next project-yes I made that up). My mind is like nope get your butt to editing that poetry book, you have put it off long enough. I’m coming readers, I promise this year is the year for another book from me.

These pages are only blank because you can’t rush artwork.

My thoughts under this picture on instagram: These last few days my journals have been blank. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write or feel but my mind is going 100 miles per minute so it won’t let me put it on paper. I’ll just enjoy this moment of silence because once the words start flowing again I will be ready. When you don’t complain and are grateful for all the parts of the journey. I’m having a heart to heart and I’m embracing this moment of time. You can’t force artwork because you have to feel it. Don’t give up because the words didn’t come today.

I’m so glad I decided to create this blog space where I can express myself without judgment. I have to listen to my inner thoughts and realize that everyday I will not have thoughts of poetry flowing through my mind. I’m perfectly okay with that and that  just means I need to be working on my many other projects.

Remember there is nothing wrong with feeling. When you feel, great things will come from it. I just wanted to share here what I share on my other pages just in case you don’t have other social media accounts. I hope you enjoy.

Until next post!

Shine bright and don’t forget to Find Your Light!



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