Happy Wednesday!♥

It’s time for another positive note from the self-love category. I hope you all have been showing yourself love. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. Love yourself more. Laugh a little more today than yesterday because yesterday is gone and today is here. These self-love notes are so important to me because I can always go back to what I wrote from years before. Today’s post is about not living in the past but living in today, especially when someone is trying to live in the past. The past is gone.

Self-Love Note:

When you realize how much your life is valued you stop giving out discounts. I don’t have to communicate with you for justification. I don’t have to acknowledge you anymore because just like you I have beliefs: if you know better you do better. I didn’t come this far to walk down the lane of the past with you. The past lane doesn’t exist within me anymore. I’m in the lane of right now, today and present and not yesterday, last year or 3 years ago.

I hope you are living in the now and aren’t letting someone else throw your past in your face. You aren’t the same person from your past and you shouldn’t have to pay for that every minute of the day.

Yesterday is gone.

Today is here. Cherish the now.




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