When a simple statement turns into sarcasm.

“You look happy.”

‘Well how did I look before? Did I look rough? Tired? Busted?’

Definitely the questions that run through your mind right after you hear this statement.

These questions just came to be from a conservation I just witnessed. I didn’t hear the whole conservation but I heard frustration in her voice about that statement. She didn’t express her emotions to the person that asked the question but she was definitely mad. She made to sure voice her opinion about the statement to another co-worker. Another thing, why do we do that? Why do we voice our opinions to someone other than the person that makes the statement? I have a habit of doing that as well.

I can’t remember the number of times that I’ve had this exact same statement said to me. Whether it be because of me losing weight, gaining weight or just a general statement.

You are in control of your happiness.



I wasn’t eavesdropping, I swear but apparently she was married before and the marriage only lasted a year. So my assumption is that she didn’t look too good/happy when she was married. She went off into a rant about the marriage and how he wasn’t good for her, etc. But didn’t she know that before they got married? Oh that would start another post lol. Another day, a different post.

What exactly should a person say after not seeing someone for a while? After discussing a sensitive matter maybe her approach wasn’t at the right time. Was the statement too soon after the initial conversation about her ex? Was she trying to be mean? Was she just to give a compliment? Was it taken the wrong way? Maybe it was the tone in which she said it. I will never know because I won’t ask but she was definitely upset about it.

Let’s Talk

Never allow a person to make you look or feel like a totally different person especially if it’s a bad look. I’ve seen this happen so many times. People get in relationships and just let themselves go. Stop letting a person define your happiness, you should have total control over your happiness. Yes a person should enhance it but he/she should never be the main reason for you being happy. That will destroy you in the long run.

So my question to you today is, “Are you happy in your relationship? And I’m asking are you really happy? Not content but happy?”

Take a moment to sit and think about it. Look in the mirror and ask yourself are you really happy in your current relationship, situation or just in life. Asking yourself questions like this will help you put your life into perspective.

It’s amazing the things you will notice when you sit back and actually pay attention to your surroundings. It was meant for me to hear the pieces of the conversation that I did because it definitely made me think about life and the situation(s) that we let change our lives either in good or bad ways.

So I hope you think about your answer to today’s question: ‘Are you happy?’ Answer this question honestly for yourself because there in no need of lying to yourself. Believe it or not people actually notice. I hope you are really happy and aren’t just living the life to keep someone else around as your crutch. If not, make adjustments where you see fit and have people around that are enhancing your happiness and appearance in good ways. People should be bringing out the beauty in you and not the pain.

Until next post.

Shine bright and don’t forget to FIND YOUR LIGHT!



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