Ha! You ever just think about how many times you actually tell someone that you are doing okay. “I’m okay.” That response is so natural. How many times when you say it, is it true? Probably 5 times out of the 10 times it’s true. As I type these words right now I’m in pain. Not emotional pain but chronic pain. If you didn’t know I have fibromyalgia but I’m okay. Some days are worse than others but I’m definitely okay. Sometimes I have to sit down and write out my feelings or better yet most days I have to sit down and write out my feelings. No one day is the same.

I always wonder if people know that there are medical conditions that people have that nobody knows about unless you engage in conversation with them. I work out 4-5 times a week now to help with not only my overall health but to help with my limps and the pain. I might skip a day or two but I manage to get back to it because I know that I’m going to be okay. Being okay doesn’t mean that you don’t ask for help. Being okay means that not everyday will be perfect. You don’t always want to get the people you love worked up over your health and your not so good days. I won’t say bad days because other people have bad days and never speak of them.

Let’s Talk!

My reasoning for this post was to let you know that I’m actually okay today and most days, but not only that but to see how you are doing today and most days. We never get to have open dialog about what’s really going on with other people.

Sometimes I need to vent because why some people are complaining I actually see other people that are fighting on their last legs but never even think to form a complaint. Appreciate time because one day time will be all that you have left. I might be in pain today but today won’t be like any other days and I won’t get today back. Somebody didn’t wake up today and for me being alive and active I’m thankful for that one reason alone.

Let’s Be Okay And Mean It!

I’m okay today and all other days because a 6 year old somewhere is fighting with cancer and is smiling through every chemo session. I’m okay today because someone that’s fighting cancer actually clocked into work today without even the slightest excuse for why they don’t want to be at work. I’m okay today because even though death comes at any hour, I haven’t been given a 6 minute speech on how it could only be 6 months left of living and that you should start making funeral arrangements. I’m okay today because I have every essential that is needed for living a positive life. I’m okay today because my chronic pains are small compared to the other health issues someone else is facing today. I’m okay today like all other days because I can still call my loved ones and tell them that ‘I love you, see you later’ where as somebody didn’t make it into today.

I’m okay even when I don’t think I will be okay. Appreciate time because one day time will be all that is left, where material things can’t take the place of any emotion that you are currently feeling. Things might not seem okay right now but you will be okay.

Think About It!

Something to think about: If you threw all your problems in a hat with 5 other people, you will still choice your problems because your problems might not be problems after all. Especially after reading what other people are going through. Be grateful even during the worst part of your journey.

Until next time, shine bright and don’t forget to FIND YOUR LIGHT!

You are okay today and you will be okay forever.

But seriously, are you really okay? Let’s talk about it.



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