I vow to myself to never be anybody’s second choice.

I vow to myself to love hard without regrets.

I vow to listen and understand the view of others.

I vow to myself to cry when I need to, laugh when it’s funny and smile no matter what.

I vow to never go without to please someone else.

I vow to never cry over something I can’t change.

I vow to hold my head high even when I feel like walking in shame.


I vow.

I vow to read over this and actually follow it.

I vow to complete every challenge I face.

I vow to follow my first instinct.

I vow to understand that life is a lesson and that I should learn something everyday.

I vow.

I vow to find my light and let it shine bright.

I vow to seek happiness even when people let me down.

I vow to love, cherish and care for you.

I vow to understand that settling is not an option.

I vow to love myself even when society tells me otherwise.

I vow.


Notes to take with me along this journey called life.

Β©2016 Kjoywrites