I know what later feels like
I’m ready to know what now feels like
I will call you later
I will see you later
We will hang out later
I’m tired of hearing later
What about now?

I want to talk now
I want to see you now
We need to hang out now
“I have to check my schedule”
What about forgetting that schedule for now?

You never had to check your schedule to fit me in before
Before it was ‘have your bags packed after work’
Everything used to be so smooth
Is it adult life?
Work life?

I’m committing to a now and the later
And not just the later like all the times before
I don’t want later to be forever
And I don’t now to be nonexistent
But if you keep saying later
I will take my now somewhere else

For now I will see you later but on my terms
So later it is
For Now!

©2016 Kjoywrites