Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Me!

I’m not going to make this long. I’m just sharing the fact that it’s actually been a year since my first poetry book, Escaping the Darkness of My Heart was self-published. I’m so thankful that I finally let go of fear and went for it. Everybody isn’t going to enjoy my writings but I’ve learned that the right person will enjoy it because it was destined for him/her to read my story.

Exactly a year ago this month (actual date that the book hit stores was December 1, 2014) I published my first poetry book. I’m literally screaming on the inside because I dreamed about this day for so long. It still seems like yesterday that I was able to share this new with the world.

Behind the Title/Cover

Escaping the Darkness Of My Heart initially wasn’t my first choice but the more I thought about a title and what I’ve been through the more this was fitting. I personally decided on it because I was really escaping the dark places in my heart to overcome depression. It’s not easy putting your work and personally feelings out for the universe to see especially is you are going through these things. The cover with the eye, if you look closely into the eye you will see that there is an outline of a body which is me coming out from hiding behind my pain and words for so long. All the emotions in this book are real. I didn’t decided one day to just write all of the material for this book, I’ve been working on this book for years. Thank you all for supporting me and for actually reading my blog posts. There is so much more that I’m planning to do. I was a writer before I was anything else.

It’s available in e-book format and paperback at the websites listed below:

If you would love a signed copy email me at and I will send you a paypal invoice for the price of the book plus shipping and handling. You can find me on Instagram @kjoywrites and on twitter @joyfulhair87, if you happen to purchase a book please share so I can see, I would really appreciate it. I still can’t believe that it has been a year since my first poetry book was published.

Shine Bright and don’t forget to FIND YOUR LIGHT!

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