Don’t forget to breathe!

Sometimes I forget that everything doesn’t need to completed at one time. I’ve learned that even though you have goals that you want accomplished, there is a time for everything. It’s okay to have goals and set out to achieve them but don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t go exactly how you thought it was suppose to be. So when I get weak I think about the quote that I came up with.

“You’re only as strong as your weakest thought. Breathe!” ~Kendra

I’ve appreciated this saying so much that I’m actually getting it engraved into a bracelet so when I feel like I can’t make it, I know to breathe and have confidence in myself because when that negative energy tries to come in I have to remember that my weakest thought is my current strength and I need to be strong at all times. You can’t allow certain things to control your mood or basically anything to control your mood. Just like you’re selective with what you eat, be selective about what you tolerant as well. Everything doesn’t deserve your attention and everything doesn’t deserve a reaction. When you feel like giving up remember, You’re only as strong as your weakest thought. Breathe.

When you become overwhelmed walk away and just breathe. There is nothing wrong with stepping away and gathering your thoughts to regroup. When all else fails, just BREATHE! Things will get better even if it doesn’t look like it right now.

I just wanted to leave a little words of encouragement because sometimes we all need it. Shine bright and don’t forget to FIND YOUR LIGHT!

Until next time!



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