The one thing that I never lost my love for and my only escape when I didn’t want to interact with other people: My writing. My Guiding light. It helped me find my way back when I thought everything was closing in on me. Some times we forget to take care of ourselves and forget that we too are important parts of the world and this cycle of life as well. I forgot and wasn’t pleased with the progress of my writing and/or the progress of my life. I neglected every aspect of my life that was important to me because I was getting caught up in all the things that were going on around me. I finally found my way back to the one thing that I knew I could do right and the one thing that made me feel like I belonged here which was/is my writing, my escape, my guiding light through this force of life.

I remember days where I hated myself and everything that I was standing for in life. I complained way too much for my own liking and I decided to go back to my safe place. I’m so glad I found my way back.

My Guiding Light by Kendra Williams

I forgot

I got lost

I navigated away

I lost respect

I fought the urge

I got confused

But my guiding light

Will lead me back

Back down the right direction

Back to my destiny

Back to my passion

Back to my focus

I can run

I can try to hide

I can try to fight the urge

But my guiding light

Will lead me back

Back to my love

Back to my family

Back to my reality

Back to my true friends

My guiding light

Was dim but now it’s shining just like new

You never know what talent or gift you were given until you wake up one day and that’s all that you have left. Some days I thought I would wake up and my hands wouldn’t work anymore and that instead of me using them I would lose them because I had misused them so much. But I wasn’t ready for them to be taken away so I fought to keep my gift alive.

I was lost, depressed, misguided, misused, misunderstood, hurt, overwhelmed by obstacles that were only meant to break me down so that I could see what true strength meant. I finally found my way back to my safe place no judgment just me, my notebooks, my thoughts, nature and my pens. I’m so glad I didn’t give up and instead decided to fight back.

All days won’t be pretty and all days won’t be perfect but all days will be worth fighting for. Find your light. Find your passion. Find your safe place in this hectic world. Love without fear of being denied love back. Trust that your light will guide you back to your destiny.

Keep Fighting! You are worth it. The world needs to hear your story.

©2015 Kjoywrites