In the light of all the national crimes here lately, I’m also speaking for the local crimes that don’t make the news. We all have cousins, uncles, brothers, sons, daughters, sisters and friends that have been stereotyped by the police/government officials. It has to start and stop with us. I’m tired just like you’re tired and if you aren’t tired you need to watch the news, hear the most recent cover story and get tired.

It’s time to come together aside from social media and unite. We owe the generation that much.
A piece by me, Kendra Williams

We Have Failed Each Other

We watch the news
Post on social media
And cuss people
But we aren’t facing the real problem at hand
This is a cycle
Because we as humans have failed
Have failed at awareness
Have failed at actually taking actions
We need to take a stand
I say we
Because Yes we as an entirety have failed
No amount of tears and/or words
Can or will stop the violence
We need to unite
Unite in a real way
Take action
Work in unity with one another
It’s time to turn on the news
And see our faces making a difference
Because we need to be heard
We need to know
And feel that we matter
We’re too divided
Divided in our own communities
Let’s build from here
Let’s build a foundation
That can’t be ruined
Because today we have failed
We have failed each other
We watch the news
And cuss people on social media
But we aren’t making a difference
Just making noise
We come to be seen because that’s all we know
Yesterday was too much to bear
And the truth is tomorrow will be just as unbearable
If we keep going on like we have today
All the blocking
And deleting
Will not amount to results
We need to watch the news
To hear and understand that we as humans have failed in society

Every day is a new chance to make a difference. We should use social media to bring awareness and positivity. It’s never too late to make a difference.

©2015 Kjoywrites